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[sticky post] hiatus [120904- ]

i'm announcing a hiatus.

as in full on, complete, i'm not going to be here, i'm not going to write hiatus.

and i'm really, really, really sorry.

school started and my schedule was messed up, which really added a lot of stress to my plate... and well, it's mostl cleared up, but while doing that, i was forced to double up my sciences, meaning i'm now taking pre-cal, physics, chemistry, spanish 3, english 2, and ap us history. if you didn't know or anything, that's a lot, and i mean a lot of work.

that includes the homework that keeps me awake until past midnight every night, the studying for the tests that i can't just bs anymore, and actually having to pay attention in class instead of catching up on sleep or writing then and there.

i used to have a lot of leeway with school because the material was something i had already learned or was very easy for me to grasp, but this year, it's nothing like that, and i'm stessed out, i'm busy, and i really, really need my grades to be better than they were last year. i promised myself over the summer that this school year would be "my year" and i would work hard and stop slacking, and that's what i'm planning on doing.

so in course of this all, i've come to realize that i really don't have the time for writing. i usually write after i've finished my homework, during the night when my mind is working more creatively,  but now, every single second of sleep i can get matters. right now, as i'm typing this, i have two tests to study for and i'm nearly falling asleep, i'm that tired and it's only a monday.

i'm really, really, really sorry, and i feel like i can't apologize enough, because i know my updates aren't frequent in the first place, so maybe you thought one would come out any time soon, and now i'm just dumping this hiatus on you.

it's something that's needed and i'm sorry about lovelessly loved and not being able to complete it, but believe me, it has a long way to go and when i'm able to write again, on holidays and such, you can take my word for it that i'm going to be a better writer and i won't disappoint you guys. so please, stay with me, okay?

i'm not exactly sure about what more to say, but i will say that sometimes i might break my hiatus on weekends or something, so you might see me around commenting or anything like that, but i'm really in no position to keep writing. and i'm going to try to write snippets of the updates and oneshots i'm working on, but to be completely honest, i hate writing in bits and pieces, so i probably won't have the motivation or inspiration. and i'm sorry for that too. i'm such a picky writer and i stand by the fact that this writing is for fun and not my job, and i just feel really bad for everyone who reads my fic...

i'm not even on tumblr a lot, though i will say that i will check my messages every day, if you need to talk to me or anything, but really, all i do is queue everything i want to reblog/post and let it filter out onto blog. i'm rumiio, by the way.

and the place i'll be seen most frequently will definitely be twitter, so if you really, really need to talk to me, that's the place you need to go! i'm @seriberryy and i'm there getting help with homework from my friends or just talking to them whenever i need a break.

in any case, i'm really sorry about this, but yes, i'm on hiatus from now until whenever, maybe even until the school year ends, but i will probably break my hiatus to leave comments, and maybe around the holidays, post an update or a oneshot.

that's all for now, and again, i apologize, blah blah blah, i just keep repeating myself! thanks for your continuing support and consideration! i really appreciate it! 

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scales of sunlight

title: scales of sunlight
pairing: onesided!eunhyuk/donghae, eunhyuk/oc
genre: angst, romance
warnings: character death
summary: “The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”  ― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird
written for the wingsandfins contest on AFF; x-posted on my AFF

I could watch three-thousand butterflies take to the skies, peach-colored wings fluttering like eyelashes with patterns of black inked calligraphy delicately painted, and relate to every single one, no words spoken, no emotions even shared.Collapse )

once, there was a time...

title: once, there was a time...
author: xsilentserenity
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin (+broken)
rating: pg(-13)
genre: angst, drama
warnings: implied abuse
disclaimer: Such a pity.
summary: There was a time when Sungmin loved Kyuhyun enough for the both of them. But that time passed, and all that was left was farewells.
requested by: lindsey (tumblr)

There was a time...Collapse )

The Suicide Lists [4(final)]

Title: The Suicide Lists [Part 4(final)]
Author: xsilentserenity
Pairing(s): friendship!Eunhae, written in 3rd person POV (this part)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Drama
Warnings: centers around the idea of suicide, self-harm
Disclaimer: Such a pity.
Summary: When the nothing that is left is too much; when the only option left is to die, to disappear, to have never even existed, maybe all it takes to hold on are the smallest, most trivial things.

You have so much more to live for than what is just around you right now, but even if you don’t believe me… think about it.Collapse )

Suicide Lists [3]

Title: The Suicide Lists [Part 3]
Author: xsilentserenity
Pairing(s): friendship!Eunhae, written in Donghae’s POV
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Drama
Warnings: centers around the idea of suicide, self-harm
Disclaimer: Such a pity.
Summary: When the nothing that is left is too much; when the only option left is to die, to disappear, to have never even existed, maybe all it takes to hold on are the smallest, most trivial things.


<< Part 2 | Part 4 >>

the red mess staining the broken skin on my arm, covered in a new set of four gills that grinned at me next to faded, healed, but unforgotten old friends that still whispered reminders of my past in my earsCollapse )

four shelves above

title: four shelves above
author: xsilentserenity
pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
rating: pg
genre: cat!au, fluff, romance
warnings: part of ablenkung’s cat!verse (with full permission)
disclaimer: Such a pity.
summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and Hyukjae takes Donghae to a secluded little bookshelf to celebrate it. Directly correlates to ablenkung’s Of Confessions and Valentines.

Donghae’s eyes sprung open, and he jolted awake with an indignant meow.Collapse )

I Remember...

Title: I Remember...
Author: xsilentserenity
Pairing(s): Haehyuk, broken!Haehyuk, Sihyuk, impliedbroken!Sihyuk
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: Angst, Drama, Suspense, Character Death(?), implied smut
Warnings: major angst, character death (but I'm not saying if he really dies!), implied smut
Disclaimer: Such a pity.
Summary: We promised each other than we would always love each other, but you forgot that promise. Now, all I have are the memories that I remember, but that alone isn't enough.

I remember when you said you would be back, waving a “See you later!” not a “Goodbye.”Collapse )

Breakthrough. My return.

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